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Selling your used devices couldn't get any easier!


Simply prep your device for resale. Instructions on how do to this can be found here.


Choose where and when you'd like to sell your device. We normally get together at a Starbucks or similar public location. For bulk / enterprise deals we do office appointments for your convenience.


Your SmartPhone Tech will come to you and you'll be paid cash on the spot! We operate out of the San Diego area and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Why Choose Us?

Cash Offers

We offer cash payouts in minutes and are some of the highest in the industry. No need to wait weeks for a check to arrive or be stuck with a prepaid debit card.

Mobile Service

Many mobile pick up locations available. We make it easy & convenient for you to sell your Apple Computers, iPhones, Watches and iPads in San Diego.

Data Security

Our experienced electronics buyers always restore your device to factory settings / wipe any hard drives, ensuring your data won’t get into the wrong hands.

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